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Trello online programmer

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Training package for using Trello online programmer in managing mega farms:
Create different boards to manage data
Create a checklist of things and prioritize them
Meeting management

Simply put, Trello is a web-based tool for managing and strategizing projects or personal and public applications in a fully coordinated manner. In such a way that the project or program is defined as a Board and the items in it are placed as a Card. In the details of the Card can be done many actions such as labeling, notes, explanation, file attachments and.. Also, at any stage of the work, people can be added to the Board so that the work can be done as a team. Usually, each member of the team defines any action or program as a card in Terllo or takes the necessary actions on it. This can be done in a coordinated manner up to the highest level of the project and program.
Coordination between members is very important when a project and especially team work is to be done. Thanks to Terllo tools, this possibility can be provided to the team easily and for free.
This company is ready to hold training courses for this package in private and public.


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