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Making ranches smart
With population growth, consumption demands will significantly increase several decades later. Given that, food demands increase. The required growth for agricultural products is approximately 70% until 2050. There is more requirement for ranching development and its movement to the modern ranching, using new technologies to evaluate actions and behaviors of livestock in management and improvement of economic profits.
After many decades of focusing on high demand for food with increasing supply, the industry of ranching is changing. Using technology, much progress has been made in the area of increasing production and productivity. When the industry is trying to answer the demand of special markets considering nationalism policies, ranchers should face the challenges like limited access to the land, heavy managing costs, and shortage of human workforce.

Making ranches smart is necessary to speed up doing tasks, emit human errors, and increase productivity. In smart ranching, the control of temperature, moisture, placement, and prevention of probable dangers such as fire and robbery, should be done with discipline and accelerate doing tasks. But because of the high costs of buying smart tools, most of the ranching are acting with the same old method of the human workforce.

What are the advantages of the smart ranching system?
Several decades ago, if you told a cattle breeding manager that he could control all actions of cows, see their situation, and know about their health condition without using a human workforce and just by a smart system, he would not believe you.
As Isna reported, in the last decades all of the cases related to livestock needed a special human workforce. It was not possible to do the cases such as placement, health, or submission of cows simultaneously and with a fast system. But today due to the discovery of smart systems this dream is in reach.

IoT in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

All aspects management:
Some people might not know, but for correct and standard management of cattle breeding, one should consider different aspects; such as the method of keeping cows, their feeding, health condition, milking amount, and their fertility. All these cases were difficult in the traditional cattle breeding method and made many problems for the farm's manager. But a smart system helps you control these remotely. This farm management method increases the quality and rapidity of livestock-related task (especially in terms of livestock health) and also save money, time, and human workforce.

Examining cows one by one:
Many smart-making services of dairy cow farms are working as a herd. It means in these farms a general resultant of all livestock's condition is reported to the managers. Even though this method is one step ahead of the traditional method, its several steps behind new methods. Because all of the cows are under individual observation in this smart system, their actions and reactions are reported to managers daily. In this method livestock's body score is determined and experts can evaluate their physical condition simply. With this system in addition to video evaluation of movement score and early discovery of the cripple disease, the implemented evaluation and livestock information is done very fast and accurately.

Livestock time budgeting:
Studies show that 12-24 hours before any clinical signs of various diseases and management errors, a decrease in the number of ruminant movements occurs.
Using smart tags along with recording the exact behavior and timing of dairy cows’ activities and its analysis provides an ideal tool for managing time budgeting. This tool can prevent economic harm due to disease, management mistakes, and their consequences.

IoT in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Smart location:
Livestock location in most cattle breeding is an important matter and is possible using expert human forces in almost all cattle breeding. But this method requires too much time and human forces. Human errors exist in this deed. But using an equipped smart location can determine the exact location of livestock (with approximately one meter).

Systematic submission:
Almost everyone in the breeding cattle field knows that one of the important and effective factors in cattle breeding economics is the standard submission and insemination in proper time and condition. Losing a pregnancy trap means millions of losses for farms (extra costs for sperm and medicine should be considered). So, considering this matter by an exact investigation on cow's behavior and recording physical changes is very important. You can use a smart system and your accurate determination to see the proper time for insemination

Software for the creation of IoT services
New groups of IoT software provide such capabilities. The company of "Hugh Mandegar Saze", can provide a set of complementary services for developers to create an IoT program cloud-based. And also, to create a collaborative ecosystem for profits. IoT platforms for markets such as smart farms enable developers to create an ecosystem of integrated and meaningful applications.
This software is used in the case of food, cooling, heating, and even concrete and cement. Their subsets are:

IoT in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

observation and managing the product
tracking abnormality
Observation on alarms and warnings condition

constant progress
increase the quality
improvement of keeping and repair
Energy amount study
Fast and easy installation

Smart farming and agriculture are new concepts in the farming and agriculture field that can help in production improvement, better quality, and reduction in cost. Even though establishing a smart farm needs venture, knowledge, and proper skill. Data analyzing, change observation, and market change analyzing need skill and technology. On the other side, change from traditional livestock breeding and agriculture to modern need venture. Nevertheless, the agriculture and livestock breeding world are moving in this direction fast. In addition, future research knows the adaptation of agriculture and livestock breeding with future technologies as profitable.