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Heifers and beef cattle nurturing

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Nurturing calf from weaning to one year of age
Taking care of the calves from weaning to one year of age is one of the least troublesome managing jobs. In a short time after weaning, they put the calves in 8 to 10 vertex groups.
The allotment of the calves to age 4months includes at least 16% protein. About ten years old and older calves, one can use high-grade feeds.

Nurturing heifers from age 1 to age 2
The objective of heifer nurturing is to have an animal with a proper giant body capable of mating at 15 months old. Nurturing heifers older than one year is easier and has low costs. Condensed nutrition should begin 2 to 3 months before birth. Too much nutrition creates fat heifers during childbirth who produce less milk. Low nutrition also causes shrinkage of the body and problems during childbirth. The facility of the heifer’s place does not need high accuracy. Per 45 heifers, one waterhole is needed.

White meat production
Some Bob veal calves go to carnage for white meat to produce. The best weight to sell the calves with white meat is 136 to 182 kg. For 2 to 3 first weeks, the temperature of the rectum should be checked every day and if it is higher than 39 degrees, the veterinarian should be informed. The environment of the pen must have a proper temperature, moisture, and ventilation. The temperature should be between 15.5 to 21 degrees, and the maximum moisture ratio is 50%. Weak ventilation to preserve the fresh air with minimum ammonia is necessary.
For better control of disease, there should be less than 50 calves in each pen.

Calf breeding