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Making smart farms

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Intelligence software

Seeds planting
Learn how to begin with planting the seed and trees.
This software is a comprehensive guide that teaches you the fundamentals for growing vegetables from seed and grain.

Farm smartening
Agriculture extension app:
Development and extension of agriculture:
This app can be defined as below:
Services or a system that helps farmers for improving methods and techniques of farming, increase incomes and production.

Farm smartening

Agri App Ag-Tech Solutions
This software includes general technical features such as ICT, IoT, Big-data, electronic trade, and mobile trade with the goal of technology presentation to the agriculture and food field. So, it can present agriculture smart making way.

Farm smartening

Smart making software of PID LOOP for farms:
Module and mega farm parts control capability
Monitoring all parts of mega farm in different zones in an integrated way
The ability to control all cooling and heating devices in ranches and milking buildings
The ability to control and alarm fire in Alfalfa hangars
The ability to control and adjust light and energy consumption
The ability to control water consumption

Farm smartening

Having a professional team in setting up the foundation of smart making the new services, this company provides its customers with a smart farm. Several years of experience in presenting technical and engineering services for smart making made us one of the best options for this service globally.

Farm smartening

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