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Intel Farm Company was established in 2021 with the aim of designing and implementing intelligent structures in the livestock, agriculture and related industries.
The company's products currently produce and design free stall halls, milking parlors, feed mills, hay warehouses, corn silos, buildings and intelligent equipment for agricultural and livestock structures, agricultural and livestock products, agricultural and livestock machinery, and Agricultural and livestock farming smartening software.
In addition, this complex has started to offer its products and services with the aim of providing all the requirements for smartening a livestock, agriculture and environment unit. Relying on its capabilities in the fields of "design and engineering", "construction and implementation", "equipment, supply, installation and commissioning of agricultural and livestock machinery and equipment", "technical and engineering services, installation and commissioning of intelligent hardware" and " "Intelligence of agricultural and livestock farms" by using the latest knowledge of the world and experienced and capable professionals, has been able to provide a complete set of standards and solutions for equipping, manufacturing and developing intelligent livestock, agriculture and environmental projects. The path to achieving sustainable structures is environmentally friendly, high quality and efficient product and also this company is the inventor of sustainable structures (SUSTAINABILITY) in agriculture and livestock.
The group focuses on the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and smart farms, and promises a brighter future by introducing effective technologies to reduce costs, better performance in agriculture and animal husbandry, and quality products, and by creating multi-purpose platforms. Has been able to easily and using technology to better manage agricultural and livestock farms.
Agricultural and livestock technologies make them environmentally friendly, safe and profitable. The use of technology after the adoption of smart agriculture and livestock ensures better productivity, because in this way, the focus is on maximizing inputs and reducing waste of resources.
The Intel Farm suite offers better ways to increase productivity while minimizing wastage of chemicals, water and other elements used on farms. As a result, the environment is not exposed to unnecessary harmful chemicals, and agriculture and livestock give humans a healthier future and food.

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