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Feeding factory

A healthy feed is crucial for having healthy livestock and poultry. If they do not receive a specific amount of nutrition in a specific period, they face serious feeding problems which cause financial and moral losses for the ranchman. Poor feeding can cause fatality in livestock. A ranchman should be able to distinguish between a poor and a rich feeding.

The first step to providing feeding
Filtering and milling the ingredients
First, the ingredients are poured into the input hoppers and transformed to the cleaner by elevator to separate its coarse parts. Then, they transformed into mill revisers. They are crushed in the mill and enter into the batching silos.

Livestock feed factory

Mill system
The production of livestock planet is a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins achieved during milling, mixing, and pelleting. The products that need milling are milled and turned into powder. Then, these materials are mixed in mixers with additives such as types of supplements, and prepared for platting and turning into grains.

Livestock feed factory

Second step: material combination
The supplement's reservoirs are in parallel with batching reservoirs. In the output of these reservoirs, the food supplements are weighed and are poured into the micro mixer. In micro mixers, the nutrition with appropriate weight is added and the produced combination is transformed to the load cell batching. Based on the production formula, predetermined by the operator, supplements and inputs are mixed in the mixer with a proper weight.

Partitioning and mixing system
After crushing the grains considering the food formula, different materials are weighed and poured into the mixer with a ration to mix properly. The mixer is used to combine the medicines with food ration and combine condensed materials.

Livestock feed factory

Third step: Cooking and packaging
Compressing the powder materials and sterilizing the produced material is called a platter. The obtained combination is transformed to the Platt part's reservoirs. In the output of this reservoir, feeder Platt mixes the desired volume with feed (for livestock's feed) and condensed steam and guides it to the conditioner to be baked there under pressure and heat. Then, the baked materials turn into the desired pieces in Platt. The Platt's output is cooled in a cooler. Then, the final product is turned into smaller dimensions and sent to the packaging part.

The packaging system in the production line
At the final step, ultimate production is packed by packing devices in special bags. It is noteworthy that for packing, one should use the new, intact, and clean bags impenetrable against moisture and clean from.

Livestock feed factory