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Environment in ranching

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The environment in ranching and its managing method
The significant development of knowledge and technology makes a comfortable life for humanity. Even though this progress created new problems for humans, such as environmental pollution, climate change on Earth, and the creation of greenhouse gases. Based on the theory of sustainable development, protecting the environment is inevitable for current and future generations. So, the environmental pollution crisis is a global challenge.
Industrial ranching is the most harmful industry in the water resources crisis in the world, water pollution, and destroying coral hills because of the lack of oxygen. The most important pollutants in the industry are disposed chemicals due to manures and plant pesticides (for providing livestock's feed).

Environmental problems caused by soil pools of the fertilizer
In ranching, the fertilizer wastes are accumulated in soil pools. They will be removable after 4 years when their liquid is evaporated, and it becomes dry manure. This current system caused many problems:
1. In these pools, the liquid manures are accumulated, which are covered by solids. A long time is required for the water under these manures to evaporate, so one can separate the manure's solid. This occupied farmlands for a long time and also it gives the polluted waters to penetrate the lower surface and groundwater's.
2. Considering the technical system and available pools being a swamp, the human workforce and machinery can't separate the manure from water. This causes creating more manure pools and makes a big part of the farmland useless.
3. One of the other problems with these pools is that during severe seasonal rain, the outlet flow control from the pool is lost, and it causes the penetration of impurities into the downstream lands which cause several environmental problems and the owner's protest.   
4.In addition to the mentioned problems, the lands used as these manure accumulation pools cannot be used for planting, even after disposal of the manure.


Construction of geo membrane pool; a solution to remove soil pools
In this regard, it is better to consider a pool for collecting the liquid manure and create a proper infrastructure such as using geo membrane in the pool's floor, instead of using frequent pools.
This pool should be capable of machinery transmission, especially Logan, for separating the accumulated liquid manures from their solid part.
So, building geo membrane pools (which never allow the penetration of liquid manure into the lower soil's surface), a long time is not required for evaporation of liquids and turning into the removable solid. Therefore, no harm will go to the environment, groundwater's, and agriculture.


Help for solving the environmental problems
Humans who live on the earth as a kind of biodiversity have not been a good guest for this planet. In this regard, considering the mentioned problems and considering that this problem has been solved in developed countries, we hope that with the presented solution and the cooperation and support of leading companies in the field of environment, one of the environmental problems is solved in all ranches.