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Greenhouse soils

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Using soil cooling technology
Required conditions for a good greenhouse are enough space; because more space provides more air circulation in the air.
It uses a subsurface system to control the greenhouse's temperature to the desired range, and the chance for air conditioning is provided from all the greenhouse's floors. Also, one can circulate the air in cold seasons inside the greenhouse using fans and use the ground's heat to warm up the greenhouse. This system canceled the demands for using fans and pads. It was so effective in decreasing the water and energy costs.

Coco peat
Coco peat means the fertilizer of the coconut tree obtained from coconut fiber. Coco peat is not soil and is considered as compost or manure. It is appropriate for use in pots and garden soil or hydroponic implants.

Perlite is a white mineral volcanic stone that is very light and is used for combining with the soil or other campuses.Perlite is sold in greenhouses in liters and has many properties.

Peat moss:
Peat moss is the dead fiber material. It is created by the decomposition of moss and the other living creatures in turbo swamps. The meaning of peat moss is turbo sphagnum.