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Energy storage curtain

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Energy storage curtain
Heat curtain is known by various names such as saving energy curtain, greenhouse curtain, greenhouse heat shade, heat shading, and heat shield. The Saving curtain is used for light, temperature, and moisture control in the greenhouse. Aluminum curtains are weaved from different fibers and can have about 54% awning and 45% saving energy.
An important point in the Aluminum nets is their installation; because the installation method is effective in their work quality. These nets are in two types of cables or boxing and the installation is rack and pinion.

The function of the energy storage curtain
1. Boxing system (cable or tension): In this system, the nets are closed and opened in parallel to gutters in the greenhouse. Engine and gearbox are in a low height of the greenhouse or toward the greenhouse's span.
2. Rack and pinion system: In this system, sweeping movements are implemented by Rack and pinion.

Advantages and disadvantages:
Rack and pipe types have high strength and low depreciation compared to the boxing and cable system. In summer, the upper air of the cable model becomes so hot, and we should install the exhaust fan on both sides of the net. This causes an increase in expenses. Installing and operating the cable system is easier than Rack and pipe model, and it is also functional at low height.

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