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Fertilizer collecting system

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Fertilizer management is one of the most important and costly operations of industrial herding.  
In recent years, the necessity of on-time gathering and disposal of fertilizer has been increased by transforming cattle-keeping halls to free-stall systems. Investigation on the situation gathering fertilizer in these dairy farms shows that no economic and efficient system is used for this important matter, and practically the methods are the same traditional methods, which hurt Herd management efficiency. One of the most important reasons for using a free stall system is the need to clean the cattle crossing aisles, which causes an increase in herd health, milk hygiene, and toxin reduction problems in cattle.

Types of fertilizer collection systems
1. Fertilizer sprayers
2. Vacuum fertilizer remover machine
3. Scraper
4. Separator

Fertilizer sprayers
Fertilizer sprayers have an effective spraying width and diffuse the fertilizer in the farm using two impellers. Fertilization should be done in coordination with the tractor's speed so the spraying would be homogenous all over the farm. Fertilization is possible at any time, but it is better the time that the soil's moisture is at a field capacity; because the wet and muddy field will cause problems in the tractor's tension. The fertilizer is pushed forward by the floor chain to the device's exit span. While exiting, probable clods are crashed by the shredder and poured on impellers that spin like centrifuges.
Vacuum fertilizer remover machine
This device consists of two reservoirs and one vacuum pump. The fertilizer is sucked into the reservoir by pumps. The fertilizer collection is implemented by a V shape system. With the device moving forward, the fertilizer is dragged into the end of the V shape part, and there will be a pipe to suck the fertilizer into the reservoir. After filing the reservoir, the collected fertilizer is transformed into the fertilizer
Storage pool by bellows. The suction and bellows in this device are implemented only by vacuum pumps and provide a proper mechanism. As the sprayer machine, one can spray the collected fertilizer in farmlands.
A chain fertilizer collector is devised in parallel in the ranch's aisle and surface. The hydraulic system and joint of the instrument roll up the tension chain, and the blade moves directly to collect all fertilizers and wastes in its way with just one pass. This instrument is capable of doing3 tasks: gathering, transportation, and discharge without human intrusion completely automatic. The chain fertilizer collector's function is that it is doing the cleaning and scrubbing in the aisles and devising parallel paths. This fertilizer collector instrument has a V shape blade of a 10-40 cm width. The reservoir with high capacity and two sucking pumps is the components of this instrument.

The Separator is an instrument that receives the fertilizer as water and dry material and provides the proper separation condition for them. In this method, the dry material, due to reduction in its smell, provides the packing, drying, and warehousing facility. The liquid part of the separation can be used in the flush system. Considering the reduction in Nitrogen and Phosphor, it can simply penetrate the ground and be utilized in irrigation networks