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Feed preparation system

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Feeding management

Since the feeding cost includes 70 to 75 percent of the total nurturing cost, the ranchman should determine the feeding resource before forming a herd. Some believe that the habit of grazing is institutionalized in goats from natural pastures. So, goats' nurture without considering a grassland for them is practically not possible. The truth is, goats need an excursion in open spaces and pastures. Providing all or a part of the goats' feed from pasture is recommended in mild climates.

Sheep nutrition management

Fattening sheep
If you intend to fatten live sheep, lambs with 30 to 45 kg weight are appropriate for you. The lambs living in the pastures and fields are live lambs. Do not choose fattening live lambs, the lambs were taken care of in the stall, for fattening. Just live path lamb is proper for fattening. Fattening means making fat obtain the maximum weight or producing a cadaver of livestock to provide meat.  
The advantages of fattening
1. Increase in production
2. High-quality meat
3. The return of the capital's principal and its profit
4. Preserve pastures

Sheep nutrition management