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The greenhouse's floor cover

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Greenhouse coverage
The most important feature of the greenhouse coverage is to ferry the maximum amount of heat and sunlight and deliver it to the plant.
None of the coverage has 100 percent of light and heat transformation; because some of the light is reflected or absorbed into the cover. Among different covers in terms of light passing, glass is in the first rank, and the plastic cover is in the second place.

The greenhouse's floor cover
The greenhouse's floor covering is a kind of flooring to be used in the greenhouse, covering the cultivation ground. This product is composed of one layer of polyethylene. The minimum function of these flooring in greenhouses is five years. One of the reasons to use this flooring in the greenhouse is no weed growing and improvement of cleaning them; it also helps the Photosynthesis of the plant at the bottom of the blushes by reflecting the sunlight in winter. In summer it helps control the temperature to keep it at the standard level.

The features of the greenhouse's flooring
•High longevity, at least five years
•Lightweight, 130 to 140 g per m2
•Helping photosynthesis of the plant by reflecting the sunlight in summer, avoiding high temperature in summer
•Avoiding the growth of weeds, creating a clean and tidy place, penetrating the poured water into it to transform to the bottom layer
•A good air transformation

Greenhouse floor covering