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Glass greenhouse

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It is one of the most expensive greenhouses. It has high longevity and durability and is used in arctic and semi-arctic region. It is also capable of installing the accessories. The thickness of the glass for the glass greenhouse is varied from 4 mm to 8mm considering the required light percentage for plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of the glass greenhouse
•High capability for crossing heat and light of the sun
•Preserving the infrared radiation at night
•No need for early substitution and high durability against the wind and snow
•High fuel consumption
•High build and maintenance cost

Technical feature of a glass greenhouse
Coverage: Glass with a thickness of 4 to 8 mm
Spans width: 6 to 9.6 meters
Column height: 4 to 6 meters
Crest height: 6.5 to 8.5
Column distance: 3 meters