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Watering of the greenhouses

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Facilities and accessories of the greenhouses

Greenhouses' cooling system
Greenhouses' heating system
Watering and feeding system
Energy storage curtain
Greenhouse soils
Climate control system
CO2 injection systems
Greenhouse coverage
Profile and pipe
Connection and fastener
planting, growing, and harvesting system
fanWatering and feeding of the greenhouses

Different types of watering system

Manual or traditional watering
Environmental watering

The water distributor of a watering system is designed in a way to provide the exact amount of the required water for the product during a year daily. The required water depends on the cultivation field, cultivated product, weather condition, the season and time of the cultivation, and whether the greenhouse has a ventilation and heating system. The water's need depends on the soil combination, size of the container, type of the container, or product's bed.
 Traditional watering
Manual watering is the oldest way for watering which is unusual and uneconomical today.

Environmental watering
This method is used for garden greenhouses with a constant bed.

This method is useful in greenhouses. It is ideal for the propagation of cutting plants and seedling production.

Drip irrigation
This method is the best and most comprehensive method for watering and even distribution of transforming fertilizer and nutrition to the plant.