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CO2 injection system

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CO2 injection system
The plants need CO2 to process the nutrition. In the air, there is 350 ppm of CO2 and this is enough for plants' photosynthesis. But to improve the function, there must be 1000 ppm of CO2 in the air. Using controller devices and sensors, liquid gas flow or extracting CO2 from the boiler room is adjustable. The CO2 generator device can produce 1500 ppm in the area of 465 m2.

CO2 Injection timing
Co2 injection is done all day along within 1 hour before sunset. The injection timing depends on the greenhouse's state and latitude and is done in fall and winter. It is implemented at the end of September or early October to the middle of April-May. During the injection time all ventilation, air conditioner, and cooling devices should be off, and the valve door should be less than 5 cm open.

CO2 injection