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Gothic greenhouse

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This type of greenhouse is the most useful modern greenhouse with plastic coverage in the world. In this structure, one can implement the polycarbonate and plastic cover in roofs and walls. In this structure, the wind resistance is 130 km/hour, and the snow load resistance is 40 kg/m2.

Gothic Greenhouse
Advantages and disadvantages of Gothic greenhouse
-Holding more air and better control of the greenhouse climate
- More inclined lights absorb at any time except noon
- Reduce the possibility of falling drops under the cover and guide drops to the gutters
- High durability
- Proper for hydroponic cultivation
- Proper for cold and hot climates
- Climate controlling smart system
-Growing alga on it in very moist regions
- More notch than the glass

Technical features of the Gothic greenhouse

Spans width: 8-8.5-9-9.6-12
Column height: 4 to 8 meters
Crest height: 6 to 10.5 meters
Coverage: Polycarbonate and UV plastic
Principal columns: Usually 80 * 80 profiles

Gothic Greenhouse